Saturday, August 23, 2008

All About Convocation

Convocation is the most anticipated event in one student's life. It marks the end of all hardship and efforts. Time to reap what you've sowed. I happened to attend convocation twice - both in UIAM, first for my bachelor degree (September 23, 2001) and second securing my MA degree (August 23, 2003).

The 17th UIAM Convocation - Kulliyah IRKHS - Sept 23, 2001
CAC, IIUM, Gombak, Malaysia

Keterangan gambar:
Hasimah Yusoff (Fiqh and Usul), Muhammad Fahmi Khazali (Quran Sunnah), Aminah Shamsudin (Quran Sunnah), Umikalthom Abdullah (Fiqh and Usul), SAYA (Fiqh and Usul), Aida Mat Nor (Quran Sunnah), Azaniza Mahmood (Quran Sunnah) dan Noraini Md. Yusof (Fiqh and Usul)

It such a beautiful event when all the happy faces everywhere, enjoying the day. No matter what class of degree you get, everything just going well on that day. And by the way, if you never get any bouquet of flower or even a stalk of rose, this day you'll get one (it is really pathetic if you don't.. but hey, who set that stupid rule anyway?)

The 19th UIAM Convocation - Kulliyah IRKHS - Aug. 23, 2003
CAC, IIUM, Gombak,Malaysia
Masters in Human Sciences

Keterangan gambar:
Rohana Abdul Malik, SAYA, Mahni Bilmad dan Faridah Awang

Both my convocation days went well. I'm not so sure what really makes my day, is it because I got so many bouquets, or because I'm about to get the empty scroll? It just indescribable feeling that everyone should experience. But, personally, I feel great because I'm able to declare myself an IIUM graduate, who has been there, suck all the knowledge from the great lecturers I ever encounter... sound cliché?

Kak Umi (Library Science) dan SAYA (Political Science)

Well, that's what I really feel until today. The great feeling of being UIA alumni is always there no matter where I go, or what I do.. Hopefully my students also will feel the same once they graduated from their alma mater ... It's time to give back what you get people!

Ayue dan SAYA @ undergrad convocation

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